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Assemblies/ Professional Development

Empowering students by reminding them to be kind, accepting and forgiving!  Through author visits and read-aloud assemblies, Lisa shares stories of endearing and relatable characters who face and overcome challenges with the help of their friends!  Powerful life lessons that also teach the importance of being accountable for our words and actions and the resilience we can gain from pushing through to the other side!
Lisa is also available to speak at high schools, colleges and at workshops and conferences to discuss topics such as mental health, bouncing back from adversity, self-care, mindfulness and accountability.

Empowering parents and educators by discussing how we can help our children during difficult times through the use of picture books.  Lisa talks about how books can be used as a powerful tool to provide a jumping-off point to discuss delicate topics such as bullying, exclusion, acceptance, being kind, offering forgiveness and standing up for what is right.  She talks about the power of reading with and to your children and the benefits it offers including a deep connection between caregiver and child, and many significant emotional, intellectual and physical developments.