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New Albany School was fortunate to have Lisa share this heart warming tale about the importance of friendship and kindness. During our 2 assemblies, Lisa read her book and inspired the students to stand up against bullying. The students could easily relate to the story’s characters and remembered the message of “FIN” (Friends in Need) and “PIN” (Power In Numbers). Lisa’s interaction with the students was fabulous. The feedback from both students and staff made this presentation a winner. We can’t wait for your next book!
Linda Cohn
Librarian, New Albany Elementary School
If you are looking for a program to help your students understand the importance of being kind and how to navigate the waters of school and all that comes with that I highly recommend Lisa Graham and her book.  It's very interactive.  The children had a great time and asked some amazing questions!  Everyone left feeling better about themselves and that's all you can ask for!  I highly recommend her!
Principal Chris Tracey
Charles Street School in Palmyra NJ
With brightly colored illustrations of undersea scenes, this appealing tale offers an important anti-bullying theme. 
Kirkus Reviews
The illustrations, story, and message of this picture book are all  well-executed and enjoyable to read.
The Adventures of Finley and Cisco is a colorful tale  of the power of friendship and what it means to have a kind heart!
Lisa  Smith
Teacher Southampton Township Schools 
I want to thank Lisa for coming to share  her powerful message with our students.  It is something that is so needed in our schools today.  The presentation was brilliant and our children got a lot out of it!
Richard Czyk
Principal Thomas Richards School
As a grandfather, I see firsthand the pressures facing children today.  It is imperative that as a society we give every opportunity for today's youth to learn, practice and teach kindness and compassion.
Congressman Jack Bergman
United States Representative, Michigan
This story truly teaches the importance of accepting others for who they are, as they are.  We are all unique and can use that power for the greater good!
April Holmes
 Paralympic Gold Medalist and Children's Advocate
We loved having you at St. Stephen and we will definitely use FIN and PIN.  The story was a wonderful way to explain to our children the affects of bullying or unkindness to others.  The story and stuffed animals along with the crinkled heart help the children relate to this story.  In their  minds it is real!  Teachers thought it was wonderful and loved how you related to the children that bullying hurts.  They can all definitely use it in their classrooms!
Susan  Ryan Tobias
3rd Grade Teacher
St. Stephen Elementary
Our fifth grade children were positively impacted by your book!  Many of the children shared their personal stories about bullying.  Your heart analogy was a strong visual on how their actions and words can effect themselves or others.  During your visit, it was inspiring to learn how you created your characters and how you wrote your story.  I appreciated that you shared the writing process, reinforcing what we are  learning in school.
Rose Wager
Teacher St. Joan of Arc
I read The Adventures of Finley and Cisco to one of our kindergarten classes during our Read Across America Week celebration.  The students were enthralled by the story and loved the illustrations.  They clearly understood the powerful anti-bullying message.  They were also able to articulate the concept of treating ohers how you would like to be treated and to not  tolerate another person being bullied.
Michael Harris
Superintendent Southampton School District
The theme of being a good friend, along with the acronyms FIN (Friend in Need) and PIN (Power in Numbers) really made the story relatable to our students.  We recently had a Buddy Bench installed on our playground in memory of a special student and the bench provides an opportunity for children to sit on the  bench when they are in need of a friend to play with at recess.  The children understood from the story how the heart gets hurt every time a person is  mean or cruel.  She showed that being mean to someone even for just a couple of minutes on the playground can affect someone for a lifetime. She was very patient and kind to them.  I recommend her solely for your school!  Her topics are certainly timely and needed!
Debbie Reca
Reading Specialist
Osage Elementary School
I would just love to thank Lisa Graham for coming in and presenting such an important message to our K-2nd grade classes.  She captivated them, and it just really honed in on what our character education program is all about.  It was so nice to have it reiterated through the amazing book that she did.

I highly recommend that  you bring her in and let her share with your students.  It’s a new voice but the same message: Let’s treat each other with kindness!
Megan Geibel
Principal Peter Muschal Elementary
The Adventures of Finley and Cisco is a must read for every K-5 classroom.  The characters Finley, Cisco and Camie share their stories of rejection and the new hope they find in giving and receiving friendship.  The story, set in Lake Superior of the Great Lakes, provides a framework for  creating a positive classroom climate, teaching kindness, caring and empathy through resilience and grit.
Paul Liabenow
Executive Director
Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association
Lisa presented her book for our adopted Physical Education and some of the self-contained classes and I think her message about  anti-bullying came across loud and strong!  The students especially took  the time and identified with the different characters in the book.  I just spoke to one of our students who told me that she really enjoyed the character Camie!  The students are really looking forward to following this up in the classroom!  We are going to take some time and modify the Sharks and Minnows game so that we can show how friends can help each other!
Eileen Wallace
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Matawan Aberdeen School
The Adventures of Finley and Cisco teaches a timeless message about treating others kindly and respecting other's differences.  Our student's were engaged in the presentation from start to finish!  They loved the story, the characters and their willingness to forgive the bullies. I will  most certainly use the language "wrinkled hearts" and "friend in need" as well as "power in numbers" to continue the conversation in our classroom.  One of our students, show has a disability, immediately identified with Finley.  This story is a great example of how wonderful the world can be  if people do what is right.  It is truly a story that is timeless.

This beautiful story is sure to resonate with many children who face difficult challenges every day.  It lets them know it’s okay to be different and they have many talents to share with the world even if they have to do things a little a little differently than others.  It also allows children to see that they don’t have to face things alone and should stand up for a friend in need.
Luz Rios
Teacher Grant Elementary School
Lisa Graham visited our 2nd graders at Ft. Dix Elementary School and shared her book, The Adventures of Finley and Cisco. Our kids were engaged and eager to share their own stories of bullying. It is a topic in the forefront of schools across our country, and one that needs to be addressed. Lisa’s book does so in a simple yet effective way that reaches kids across multiple grade levels. They love the characters of the book, and every student can relate to one or more of them…whether they’ve been bullied or have had a reason to be the bully. We hope this book finds its way to being a Scholastic series book so it can be spread to kids far and wide. We look forward to Mrs. Graham’s follow up book!
Kelly McNabb
2nd Grade Teacher, Fort Dix Elementary School
I really enjoyed the presentation today of Finley and Cisco.  I loved the engaging colors in the story and the illustrations.  Also, the students were engaged in the story and the message that it sent.  I really thought at the end how you had the students apologize… that was phenomenal…I wanted to hear more!  I wish we had more time for that! So thank you so much for coming in!  We really enjoyed it!
Jennifer Martino
Teacher Clara Barton School
The Adventures of Finley and Cisco is a great story about friendship, embracing differences, overcoming challenges and even forgiveness.  If you believe that these are valuable lessons to teach your students this is definitely a story and an author that you want to bring to your school!
Eugene  Park
Principal Russel Knight Elementary School
The children of the Cinnaminson Library were thrilled to meet Lisa Graham, live and in person! Mrs. Graham is just a whiz with making children feel welcome and the small group was bonded to one another before the story even began! The children loved the story and shared with Mrs. Graham that they too love to write and illustrate their own stories! After answering questions, the children played a game and then were surprised to find out that they were taking a copy of The Adventures of Finley and Cisco home with them.
What a magical experience for the children to hear the story read in person by the author. It was so much fun!
Kristie Winks
(Youth Services Librarian) Cinnaminson Public Library
I just wanted to share a huge thank you from my school and myself! Especially for coming in a snow storm! Today went really well and the students truly enjoyed the book! My students couldn’t stop talking about it! Something that really stuck with them was the heart you showed them and what happens when someone is mean to another. So many of my students took that with them and they have a better understanding of what happens when people are being mean. We wish we had more time with you!  Thank you again for everything & we are very excited for your next book!
Jessica Dilkes
Charles Olbon School
Woodland Park, NJ